About us

Our job

CDN Tech advises, integrates and manages CDN solutions (Content Delivery Network).


Created in 2004, and integrated into the Euro Asian Equities Group in 2010, CDN Tech is a specialist in the acceleration of all types of contents and offers its clients tailor-made CDN (Content Delivery Network) services.

Very quickly, CDN Tech was able to attract many big European brand names and distributors, in a variety of sectors such as automobile, luxury goods, mass distribution, transports and tourism, in particular enabling them to optimise their Cloud infrastructure.

Web, mobile and video content acceleration

CDN Tech offers secure services and orchestrates the accelerated delivery of Internet, mobile and video contents, enabling its clients to benefit from the most powerful network in real time. The complete range of extensible CDN services gives access to customized services from one single supplier of confidence.

Targeted solutions

CDN Tech offers unique solutions which take advantage of mask caching, streaming and storage to meet the needs of various client segments. These solutions enable you to rely comfortably on us to deliver the whole of your library, including the popular contents.

A multi-CDN supplier

In order to bring onto the market the offer of the highest quality and determined to give our clients real freedom of choice, we deliver and suggest to you multi-CDN solutions such as:

We thus enable our clients to benefit from the advantages of the best network, at the best price and at any time.