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  • Content acceleration - Caching

    Improve the performance of your websites or applications by bringing the elements to be delivered as close as possible to the end-user,...

  • Dynamic acceleration

    The websites and mobile applications now integrate more and more interactivity with users by displaying dynamic contents.
    Dynamic acceleration improves the performances of contents from a website database.
    A significant portion of dynamic information is now used by websites and applications. (...)

  • High security

    Our dynamic content acceleration solutions considerably reinforce the security of our clients’ websites.
    Here are the "security assets" you will obtain by using our solutions:
    Reduction in the visibility of the original architecture
    As the content is served from the CDN servers, the original (...)

  • Video streaming

    Thanks to the evolution of technologies, they are now of very good quality but must be delivered quickly

  • Multi-CDN

    The Multi-CDN solution is an obvious answer to website performance.

  • 10 good reasons for accelerating your website

    1 To improve user experience with a rapid website available 24 hours a day throughout the world
    2 To optimize your website response time
    3 To increase the number of hits
    4 To benefit from the flexibility of technologies implemented according to your delivery needs
    5 To control IT costs (...)