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Content acceleration - Caching

Improve the performance of your websites or applications (mobile or not) by bringing the elements to be delivered as close as possible to the end-user, on a relay server close to his geographical location.

The content acceleration makes it possible to cache all so-called « static » types of content. These contents are generally only slightly modified and concern, for example, the following types of files:

  • The images and logos of a website but also the photos of products in the case of an e-commerce website product catalogue;
  • Flash files or videos;
  • Templates of CSS, JavaScript file pages or html
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Long term data (images, video files, flash...) are stored on relay servers as close as possible to the end-user.

Instead of being sent to the source server or origin server, the user’s requests for this type of files are addressed to a selected relay server as close as possible to the end-user.

In a Multi-CDN context, as CDN Tech proposes, several CDN networks for the same website can be activated to distribute this information. The CDN network is selected in real time according to the performance of the various CDN networks.

This Multi-CDN functioning mode will enable you to deliver your website throughout the world without having to contract hosting on the different continents.

In addition, because its architecture is widely distributed, this type of solution makes it possible to absorb unexpected traffic peaks transparently without calling on the origin servers, guaranteeing you 100% website availability.

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