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Dynamic acceleration

The websites and mobile applications now integrate more and more interactivity with users by displaying dynamic contents.

Dynamic acceleration improves the performances of contents from a website database.

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A significant portion of dynamic information is now used by websites and applications. Whether they concern profile data, shopping basket orders or location information, these data are continuously changing and extremely volatile.

To deal with these evolutions, content acceleration alone is no longer enough, and dynamic acceleration technology has to be implemented.
By acting on different levers such as:

  • data compression,
  • optimized communications towards origin servers,
  • securing data by the use of SSL,
  • distributing user connections over several servers,

we improve the availability of websites and their performances.

Listen to what Dan Serfaty, the CEO and founder of Viadeo tells us:

We have the ideal CDN platform to optimize our members’ experience, improving their use of all the functionalities provided by Viadeo to develop their professional network, to do business and further their career. The CDN enables us to optimize the output of our hosted infrastructure, to support our growth and improve the performance of dynamic and mobile contents.

Our ADN solution (Application Delivery Network) makes it possible to obtain performances up to 5 times more rapid and eliminates all congestion of the origin servers during load peaks.

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