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High security

Our dynamic content acceleration solutions considerably reinforce the security of our clients’ websites.

Here are the "security assets" you will obtain by using our solutions:

  • Reduction in the visibility of the original architecture
    As the content is served from the CDN servers, the original website infrastructure becomes considerably less visible. The website then avoids many malicious attack attempts based on IP addresses.
  • Effective attenuation of attacks of the « Denial of service » type
    Throughout the world, in addition to its usual clients, CDN Tech has successfully secured some of the most sensitive websites in the public sector, e-commerce or industry, prone to attacks of the "denial of service" type.

Thus, during a possible attack, the website remains accessible and the attack sources are rapidly blocked:

  • IP blacklisted,
  • Password between the CDN servers and the hosted infrastructure,
  • etc.
    It therefore follows that the task is much more difficult than for a website with a classic centralized architecture.

When a CDN Tech sensor produces an alert indicating a security threat, the alarm is then assessed and processed.

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