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No CDN network can guarantee the best response times anywhere in the world and at any time of day.
The Multi-CDN solution is an obvious answer to website or mobile application performance.

Companies can today make the choice of multiple delivery infrastructures, very close to users or Web applications. Such a choice would enable companies to be in charge of 34,000 associated networks in about 200 countries… and thus avoid the limitations of traditional hosting.
The way this kind of service functions is simple: information, linked to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and to geographical location, is collected each time the user loads pages.

These data make it possible to know the real time functioning state of the CDN networks, and load-balance users towards the most efficient operator virtually in real time.

So this solution can analyse the behavior of the 25 major CDN operators, from 200 countries.
The result is significant, and immediate.

For example, for a site hosted in France, the improvement in latency times will be:

  • about 30% from a single CDN to a multi-CDN for a user based in France,
  • and 300% for a user located in China.

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