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Video streaming

Websites quite often propose videos of their product. Thanks to the evolution of technologies, they are now of very good quality but must be delivered quickly

Communication campaign, publicity relay on websites, financial communication, or live events, websites are distributing more and more videos.

A video stored only on the origin servers must be able to be loaded and seen almost instantaneously, or users may become impatient.

With the on demand streaming service, users can visualize the videos of your products or commercials with no idle time, from all of our 200 points of presence in the world.
All video file formats are compatible with our solution (Flash, Html5, ios, Wmp …).

Our live streaming solution enables you to distribute your events live. Whether for a financial communication, or an interview with one of your directors, we take charge of the delivery in standard or high definition quality.

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In both cases, as for content acceleration, our solution selects the most powerful CDN network as well as the delivery server that is nearest to the end-user.

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