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  • Our network

    Internet is composed of a multitude of operator networks. These different networks offer combinations of performances / functionalities and a wide variety of costs.
    Recourse to a content distribution network is therefore essential to optimize performances at planetary scale. However, one (...)

  • France

    France ranks third in Europe for the number of individual hits, but already 25 million French people are browsing from their mobile phone.
    With websites that are increasingly rich in terms of content and diversity of user terminals, online websites and applications have to have ultra-efficient (...)

  • Brazil

    35% of the Internet audience in Latin America comes from Brazil. Brazil is the seventh largest Internet audience in the world.
    There are 3 million more users in Brazil than in France. In one year, commercial websites for fashion and beauty recorded a rise of 60% in the number of hits. On this (...)

  • China

    With its three billion inhabitants, China is a market in very strong growth and with major issues at stake. At the beginning of 2013, China had more than 565 million internet users, including 140 million online shoppers.
    The special case of China
    Of the 565 million users, more than 400 (...)

  • Russia

    With more than 61 million, Russia has more users than any other European country, and one of the fastest growing audiences.
    The vast size of the country, its huge audience, its fast growth rate and its regular increase in mobile phone users make Russia a complex market to deal with.
    What is (...)