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With its three billion inhabitants, China is a market in very strong growth and with major issues at stake. At the beginning of 2013, China had more than 565 million internet users, including 140 million online shoppers.

The special case of China

Of the 565 million users, more than 400 million browse via their mobile phone. This explains the need for including in your Internet strategy the adaptation of applications for smartphones.

So before launching out onto the Internet in China, it is essential to resolve the problem of latency time.
A Chinese user needs 12 seconds to open a website hosted in his own country… and 60 seconds for a site hosted in France! And Chinese users are far from patient. According to a China Diligence study, 50% of them say they are discouraged after 2.6 seconds and abandon the website in question.
The adoption of multi-CDN is essential for a company aiming to penetrate this market.
What is more, as VPN (Virtual Private Network) has recently been blocked in China, the presence of the “Great Firewall” and the latency times inherent in the geography of the country make the use of multi-CDN inevitable.

With two local operators, and 80 large cities covered, CDN Tech proposes every type of service in continental China:

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