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France ranks third in Europe for the number of individual hits, but already 25 million French people are browsing from their mobile phone.

With websites that are increasingly rich in terms of content and diversity of user terminals, online websites and applications have to have ultra-efficient access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With our 5 points of presence in France, offering all of our content (web/mobile) acceleration services, we are optimizing more than 2 000 websites in mainland France.

In fact, the French web has to deal with the same bottlenecks as the world-wide web as a whole:

  • Peering between operators
  • Saturated backbones
  • Centralized infrastructure
  • Imperfect applications
  • etc.

So recourse to our content distribution solutions is essential to optimize performances at national scale.
Our French customers on average note performance increases of 2 to 5, depending on the application, and especially unfailing availability, in particular during DDOS attacks.

The use of Varnish type cache can improve the distribution of “static” contents but in no way solves problems associated with a centralized infrastructure, or more generally, does not allow delivery to be controlled and optimized beyond the network limits of the web host.

Our points of presence in France