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  • E-commerce

    The e-commerce industry is doing extremely well. Its double figure growth in recent years has been due to increasing numbers of on-line shoppers and to the exponential development of new e-merchants.
    Canal web enables sales to be boosted in physical retail outlets, but what accelerates on-line (...)

  • E-tourism

    Like many sectors, tourism has undergone changes in spending habits.
    With the democratisation of Web use and the emergence of e-business, new sales channels have appeared, bringing their own specific features.
    Tourism too has opted for online sales and has to deal with the same problems as (...)

  • Major brands

    Internet is necessarily involved in the development of major brands, which has always successfully combined tradition and innovation to offer products of ever increasing quality.
    The major brands have used Internet to give users a richer experience: with their animated introductions, their (...)

  • Industry and automobile

    The websites of industrialists and car manufacturers have been enriched over the years and have to reach a clientele of both professionals and the general public.

  • Communication of events

    To make its brand image durable, it is essential to manage the promotions on its website.

  • Media, press

    Media and press websites must regularly deal with events foreseen or unforeseen which massively mobilize internet users.
    Presidential elections or the Olympic Games are popular events which attract many users to websites. As these events are planned well in advance, the technical (...)