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Communication of events

The launch of a new product, promotional operations, the first days of sales are just some of the essential events for which websites are integrated into the communication strategy. It is essential to get this right to ensure the long-term success of your brand image.

Is there an internet user anywhere who has never found him/herself sitting in front of the screen waiting for a reply from a website which will never come or which will arrive in the form of an error message?

A brief interview on the 8 o’clock news with a brand name director has an immediate effect on its website audience. A television commercial, or a press conference, and the website will register a 10-fold increase in its traffic in the hour following the broadcast.

What can be said of the first day of the sales on an e-commerce website, which, like a physical store, records a rush of cyber-shoppers as soon it opens, at between 7 and 10 in the morning? If the shopping-baskets of confirmed orders fill up during this time slot, it is a virtual certainty for the e-merchant that the sales campaign is a success.

The hosted infrastructure would require considerable investments to absorb the traffic load.
It is the Content Delivery Network which off-loads the origin platform and optimizes response times.

Jérémie Bennejean, the e-commerce Exploitation Manager at Galeries Lafayette explains :

In both the winter and the summer sales, our Web traffic is multiplied by 7, so it is essential that the website responds quickly and that the user is immediately satisfied with the browsing experience. Traffic absorption and confortable responses are absolutely essential [...] We are much more serene at the approach of critical periods, more especially as the installation of the CDN, which took only 15 days, involved no interruption of service of any kind. This was thanks to the CDN Tech team, who were proactive and supportive at all times.

CDN Tech response :

Dynamic acceleration improves response times between the delivery servers and the origin servers which produce the contents (text, image, video, application, etc.). At the same time, it optimizes communications by serving the contents as close as possible to the end-users.

CDN SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) will secure confirmations of orders and payments by the users.