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The e-commerce industry is doing extremely well. Its double figure growth in recent years has been due to increasing numbers of on-line shoppers and to the exponential development of new e-merchants.

Canal web enables sales to be boosted in physical retail outlets, but what accelerates on-line sales?

E-marketing technologies have taken a dominating position in e-commerce strategy, but that is not all. All this activity relies on the Web infrastructure. It is asked to deliver information quickly, to cope with traffic peaks and be 100% available so that the user experience is optimal and to ensure that no shopping basket is lost for technical reasons.

The Web infrastructure of e-commerce websites is put severely to the test during sales periods or event-driven operations; CDN provides them with an additional facility of quality which will ensure they achieve their goals more easily.

Setting up one or more Content Delivery Network makes it possible to:

  • Reduce page loading time,
  • improve conversions,
  • and therefore increase turnover.

CDN Tech response :

Over the years, CDN Tech has developed real expertise in guiding and supporting the distribution of e-commerce websites.
Whatever your development strategy, your prospects for growth, or your key events, we can offer you the appropriate solutions: Caching, Dynamic Acceleration, Annualized Traffic ; as well as the most powerful Content Delivery Networks.