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Industry and automobile

The websites of industrialists and car manufacturers have been enriched over the years and have to reach a clientele of both professionals and the general public.

To stay in the race, manufacturers have to provide their partners, dealers, distributors and points of sale with more and more information and contents. Documentation about products must be accessible in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This clientele of professionals is very often spread all over the planet and has to benefit from rapid 100% reliable access. This is the guarantee of a significant increase in productivity and the consequent optimization of sales.

Following the example of pure player websites, the general public will want quality contents with possible animations (video, flash, etc.) for the launch of a new product or model.

A completely dynamic website will enable them to select the various product options and pre-visualize the selected and personalized product.

CDN Tech response :

Our Multi-CDN solutions, available on all the continents, will ensure a presence and optimized performance in all countries.

Our network, composed of more than a hundred points of presence, will enable you to distribute documentation and applications via an extranet to your professional clients.

Distribution technologies in video streaming and dynamic acceleration for your interactive websites will answer the needs of your general public clientele.