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Major brands

Internet is necessarily involved in the development of major brands, which has always successfully combined tradition and innovation to offer products of ever increasing quality.

The major brands have used Internet to give users a richer experience: with their animated introductions, their presentation films and other interactive designs and innovations, the major brands are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to establish a strong identity and a unique and authentic universe worthy of the expectations of their target market.

The majors brands are also looking out for new markets to conquer. They were quick to realize that the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), the Middle East and South-East Asia, represented a real lever for growth. China would appear to be the third largest consumer market in the world for luxury goods, with more than 12% of world sales.

And yet, the conquest of these markets via internet is not easy and has its share of specific local problems.

Once more CDN provides an interesting solution. What if major brands for internet were not so rare and not so expensive? A solution exists! Technology which makes best use of the brand image by rapid delivery of all its contents, otherwise called: CDN (Content Delivery Network).

CDN Tech response:

With the most famous luxury brands among our references, we have developed our expertise in the delivery and acceleration of this kind of website (flash, video, image, application, etc.).

Delivery in the BRIC requires the use of local CDN networks adapted to the specific features of the countries concerned (Long distance for Russia, Great Firewall for China, etc).

The solution of Whole Site Delivery served by a multi-cdn network (global for the western world and local for the BRIC) ensures 100% availability and optimum performance.