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Media and press websites must regularly deal with events foreseen or unforeseen which massively mobilize internet users.

Presidential elections or the Olympic Games are popular events which attract many users to websites. As these events are planned well in advance, the technical infrastructure for their reception is supplemented by content acceleration to absorb all of the traffic.

But other events, like attacks or natural disasters, are just some of many unforeseeable events. The traffic peaks and the number of simultaneous hits cannot be anticipated and very often exceed all forecasts. The media sites must therefore deal in record time with a virtually instantaneous load surge as soon as the event is announced.

Turning to the use of Content Delivery Network solutions will enable traffic to be absorbed easily without deteriorating the functioning of the origin platform, as we were told by Didier Cros, the technical manager at Le Parisien :

We sometimes used to have to deal with problems of performance during important events, such as presidential elections. For a website as popular as ours, and for this reason very exposed to pirating, the choice of CDN is a technical necessity. [...] Financially we could not implement a centralized infrastructure able to cope so effectively with our rise in load, as well as with possible attacks by denial of services.

CDN Tech response:

The content delivered on a multi-cdn network provides users with a same level of information no matter where they are on the planet.
Streaming video live functions will deliver the event in real time.
The streaming video service, coupled with the functions of terminal recognition, ensure delivery of video files appropriate to the user’s terminal (Mobile, Tablet, PC…).